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Feather River Middle Fork Fly Fishing – Guides

Permit status undefined as of first submittal at Plumas National Forest: Mohawk Ranger Station, dated October 17, 2015, with Laura Gray.

Located near the towns of Quincy, Portola, Graeagle & Chester, California. 

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The Middle Fork of the Feather River Canyon has some 32 miles of inaccessible trout waters by road and is home of some of the best fly fishing in the state of California. If you’re willing to make the hike down into the Scenic and Wild River Canyon, designated by the US Federal Government, you will for sure be rewarded for your efforts with great catches. The Feather River starts it’s journey out of Sierra Valley where it then runs down the Plumas County canyon into the towns of Portola, Clio and Graeagle before makes it’s way down towards Quincy.

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It’s here where the Middle Fork Of The Feather River begins. The Feather River eventually drains into the Oroville Dam some 44 miles later making this river 76 miles in total length. Originally this was a free flowing tributary of the Sacramento River and of course an important river during the Gold Rush eras with its fertile history and present day miner stories that still blow up the canyons like the wind. We guide these waters and will take you there to enjoy great fly fishing opportunities as well as incredible scenic beauty. We meet most of clients in the towns of Quincy or Portola and serve a great lunch for you out on the river.

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$375 One or Two Anglers Per Day Includes Lunch, Gear and Flies.

Ask Us About Fly Fishing Steelhead & Salmon In Northern California Coastal Rivers On Up Into Oregon And Lodging too. We also offer trips on the Sandy, Clackamas, Metolius, Deschutes, Rogue, Umpqua Rivers, McKenzie, Santiam, the Fall River, Crooked, and most of the Cascade Lakes in Oregon. Upper, Middle & Lower Klamath, Trinity, Smith & Eel Rivers in Northern California.

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When you hike back into the Middle Fork Of The Feather River you will see why so many pioneers from the gold rush dropped their bags and never returned home. This canyon and river is special and the trout that lay down in that drainage are awaiting you like gold nuggets in a sluice box. We’ll be right there as a witness to your claim and net your bounty! These are Jack Trout’s childhood home waters and we know them well.


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Lodging Portola

  • Sleepy Pines Motel
  • Sierra Motel
  • Pullman House Inn

Lodging Quincy

  • Ada’s Place
  • Gold Pan Lodge
  • Spanish Creek Motel
  • Airbnb

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Dry Fly

  • Elk Hair Caddis – 14 & 16
  • Parachute Adams 14 & 16
  • Rogue Foam Salmon Fly 6
  • Light Cahills 14 & 16
  • Pink Cahills 14


  • Black Copper John 14 & 16
  • Red Copper John 14 & 16
  • Micro Mayfly 18
  • Pheasant Tails 16
  • Z Wing Caddis Green 14
  • Poxy Back pmd 14 & 16
  • Poxyback Hares Ear 10
  • Rubber Legs Black 8 & 6


  • Fish species: Trout
  • Fishing season: First Saturday In April Until November 15th.
  • Nearest airport: Reno, NV or Sacramento
  • Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 foot leader 0X
  • Recommended fly fishing tippet: 4X or 5X Tippet For Nymphing or Dries
  • Best fly fishing rod: 9 foot – 3, 4 or 5 weight
  • Best floating fly line: WF Rio Fly Line
  • Best sinking fly line: 10 for sink tip 150 grn.
  • Fly lines: Floating

Feather River Map

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Lower Feather River Steelhead

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The Lower Feather River begins after the Oroville Dam, the tallest dam in the United States. Unfortunately this has halted steelhead and salmon form making it up the Feather River Canyon and to re-propagate near the natural springs where these fish used to annually visit for millions of years. The fish have somewhat adjusted, even though populations have drastically declined in the last 160 years since the gold rush period as 18 of the historic 21 annual salmon runs are now extinct. Of course the declines of salmon are solely affected because of the dam and its impact these days combined with the drought years. Aside from the struggle these fish have faced over the last 160 years, the Feather still manages to see good returns of wild steelhead at times.

Lower Feather River Steelhead 5

We fish for steelhead in the Lower Feather River and we have found that Fall/Winter is when most of the larger fish can be caught. The river can see higher pressure during these months, however Spring and Summer can be very productive and under the radar of many anglers. The river can be pretty void of crowds during this time, with the nearby Yuba and Sac turning on, and the trout season opener. Fisherman will also head to the more well-known steelhead fisheries such as the Trinity and Upper Klamath. Located ten minutes from the river our guide is extremely knowledgeable about the fishery and he knows where to go depending on where the schools of fish are staging. Let us be your guide to some wonderful steelhead fly fishing on the Lower Feather River when the steelhead return on their annual migration up the Sacramento and it’s tributaries like the Feather River.

lower feather river


Dry Fly

  • Elk Hair Caddis – 14 & 16
  • CDC Caddis 14 & 16
  • Stimulator 8-12
  • Parachute Adams 16
  • Adams 16
  • Para Extended Body-PMD 16
  • Blue Wing Olive 18


  • Bead Bugger (Black, Brown, Olive) 10 & 8
  • Mohair Leech (Black, Brown, Olive) 10 & 8
  • BH Hailbop Leech (Black, Brown, Olive, Wine) 10
  • Pale Alevin 12 & 6
  • Central Valley Alevin 12 & 6
  • Soft Hackles (Tan, Brown, Olive) 14 & 16)
  • General Baitfish Imitations Grey/White 8 & 10


  • Fox Pupah Olive & Tan 14
  • Z Wing Caddis Green 14
  • Hotwire Caddis Olive & Tan 14
  • G6 Caddis Pupa Olive & Tan 14
  • Bird Nest Olive & Hares Ear 16 & 18
  • Micro Mayfly 16 & 14
  • Lances X-May Olive 16
  • Hogan’s Little Amigo Brown & Olive 16
  • Pheasant Tail 14 & 16
  • WD-40 (Olive, Black, Grey, Brown) 16 & 18
  • Glo Bug (Pink, Peach, & Orange) 6
  • Microspawn (Pink, Cheese, Cheese/Flame, Steelhead Orange)
  • Pettis’s Unreal Egg (Dark Roe, Light Roe, Bright Orange, Peachy King, Pink Champagne) 12


Kayla Katayama – Fly Fishing Guide Lower Feather & Lower Sacramento River.

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  • Fish species: Steelhead
  • Fishing season: Open Year Round Below 162 Bridge, Above 162 bridge open Jan 1- July 15.
  • Nearest airport: Sacramento
  • Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 foot leader 2X-3X
  • Recommended fly fishing tippet: 3X-5X for Nymphs, 2X or 3X for Eggs, 4X or 5X for Most Dries, 2X-3X for Streamers
  • Best fly fishing rod: 9-10 foot – 6 or 7 weight (5 weight for dries only)
  • Best floating fly line: Rio In Touch Salmo/Steelhead
  • Best sinking fly line: 10 foot sink tip. Type 6. 150-200 grn.
  • Fly lines: Floating & Sink Tip.


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Graeagle Fishing Trip

MFFR 4 11 FCReviewed August 28, 2016

Zachariah Stone Silver was an amazing fly fishing guide down in Graeagle!!! We met at the general store and then headed out for four hours of FUN and EXCITEMENT. My husband caught his first trout on a fly! Z did a super job making sure all people were having a good time and learning. He is very knowledgeable and funny. Wonderful with Jack Trout Fly Fishing if you are looking for an awesome experience!!

Visited July 2016



Lower Feather River Oct 2016

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