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Chetco River Oregon Fly Fishing – Guides

The Chetco River runs some 54 miles to the Pacific Ocean. An amazing glacial based river that is derived from Chetco Peak and runs through the Rogue National Forest almost its entire length.

chetco box canyon

Several predominant settlers and pioneers visited the river and its region like Sir Francis Drake in 1579 or Jedediah Smith 1828 and later George Vancouver. This river could be one of the most beautiful rivers on the Pacific Northwest to catch steelhead on. Steelhead & salmon are running their course annually on this river in their silver and chrome colors on a river that is gin clear and turquoise colored. These steelhead and salmon exemplify the word “fight” with the two fisted spirit of America behind them. These steelhead trout are special on the Chetco River and our guides know how to catch and land them on fly rods nymphing and swinging flies with a spey or a 7 or 8 weight fly rod.

Chetco River


$475 One or Two Anglers Per Day Includes Lunch, Gear and Flies.



JBailie Chetco River

Traditional Swing Flies Using Spey Rods

  • Lady Caroline
  • Skewey’s Spawning Purple
  • Golden Demon
  • Fire Ant
  • Green Butted Skunk
  • Mojo Magic
  • Purple Peril
  • Purple Matuka
  • Freight Train
  • Egg Sucking Leech

chetco river

Nymphs with Indicator On 7 & 8 Wt. Fly rods 9 to 10 feet

  • Black Rubber Legs 8 & 6
  • Brown Rubber Legs 10 8 & 6
  • Prince Nymph 12
  • Amber Prince 12 & 14
  • Gorman Eggs 14
  • Fox Poopah Beaded Tan 14
  • Poxy Back Hairs Ear 10 & 8
  • Pink Beads 10 & 8 MM Treated w/ Revlon Nail Polish
  • Psycho Prince 14
  • October Caddis 10
  • Black Copper John 14 & 12
  • Red Copper John 14 & 12
  • Various Eggs In Various Colors 10 mm & 8 mm



  • Fish species: Steelhead & Salmon
  • Fishing season: December through March
  • Nearest airport: Crescent City, CA.
  • Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 foot leader 0X
  • Recommended fly fishing tippet: 1X or 0X Tippet for streamers or Spey. 3X 2X Tippet For Nymphing
  • Best fly fishing rod: 9 & 10 foot - 7 or 8 weight
  • Best floating fly line: WF Rio Fly Line for Nymphing
  • Best sinking fly line: Skagit Heads and a Variety of Sink Tips T8, T11, T14 in 10’-12’ Lengths.
  • Fly lines: Sink Tip or Floating Line

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Need more information on the Chetco River and others in Oregon? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * 530-926-4540 or 530-918-8879

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Chetco River Map

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Ask Us About Fly Fishing Steelhead & Salmon In Northern California Coastal Rivers On Up Into Oregon And Lodging too. We also offer trips on the Sandy, Clackamas, Metolius, Deschutes, Rogue, Umpqua Rivers, McKenzie, Santiam, the Fall River, Crooked, and most of the Cascade Lakes in Oregon. Upper, Middle & Lower Klamath, Trinity, Smith & Eel Rivers in Northern California.

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When you hook a Chetco Steelhead for the first time you will never forget that incredible experience, well be right there with you to help you land your great catch with a huge net of course!

Chetco 12lb Wild Steelhead Hen Caught on a Spey Rod 2019

Chetco Steelhead

Chetco Steelhead


“Steelhead Trip on Chetco”


I booked a trip through Jack Trout and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience. My guide Kenton was very professional, patient and knew the Chetco river very well. We landed and released three beautiful wild steelhead and had a great time. Kenton helped me with my spey casting technique and how to read the water where steelhead travel. I will be back and book through them again.

Devin LVisited March 2017

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