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Fly Fishing Argentina


Fly Fishing Guides For Day Trips, All Fly Gear Included. San Martin de los Andes, San Junin de los Andes, Bariloche, Esquel, Ushuaia Off Cruise Ship, Puerto Madryn Argentina.

Argentina Fly Fishing Rio Malleo

Argentina Trout Feeding On Dry Flies.

We offer top lodging opportunities at both our resorts located 4 miles outside of Bariloche as well as in the European-like town of Bariloche. You will savor absolutely wonderful cuisine at the finest restaurants with a fine dessert to complement every dinner served. Each day we will take you to unsurpassed fly fishing destinations on rivers, lakes and lagoons. Fly fish with dries, steamers and nymphs.


This is a trip to be enjoyed by the novice fly fisher as well as the accomplished angler. Fly fish Patagonia Argentina for 8 days, 7 nights and 6 days or take a 10 to 14 day excursion with us and see both Patagonia Argentina and Patagonia Chile. We offer one of the best packages available and are the only outfitters that offer both Patagonia regions in one trip.

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Let us take you on our exclusive 10 day trip from the Lake’s District of Chile to the River’s District then over the Andes into Patagonia Argentina. All meals are exquisite and high end lodging facilities make’s this one of South America’s best fly fishing tour adventures. Fly Fish all the best rivers, dine in all the best restaurants and lodge in the finest b&b’s as this package is designed to be customized for couples or partners.
-Jack Trout Signature Package





I wrote the section on Fly Fishing Chile and Argentina in Fodor's Travel Books.

"Since 1994 My Chilean wife and I have been successfully living, guiding and outfitting Chile and Argentina, I am proud to share with you some of my finest hours on the waters of the Patagonia as illustrated in this Fodor's book. I hope you enjoy reading then experiencing fly fishing's final frontier in two countries completely unique to one another, yet attached at the hip by the world's largest natural border. I listed all the best rivers, lodges and guides in Argentina and Chile, as well as information on choosing an area, the right times to travel to each region and many other helpful tips and secrets I've learned over the years. If you're going to Chile or Argentina for any reason. I highly suggest having this book in your pack."


Let us make all your flight reservations, hotel and restaurant suggestions as we are a full service international fly fishing outfitter and travel agency, we can handle all your travel needs and make sure your trip is a total success. She knows Argentina and Chile as well as all the rules and regulations for entry documents, taking rent a cars from Chile to Argentina and how to score the best airfare & lodging prices to save you money. Give us a call for any of your South American travel needs, we’ll be happy to help.


Prices :

San Martin de los Andes – Patagonia Argentina Fly Fishing Package Special

  • 8 Days 7 Nights 6 Days Fly Fishing – $3950 USD Per Person. (Minimum 2 Anglers.)
  • 4 Star Lodging, Breakfast & Streamside Lunch Included, plus fishing licenses. ($100 value each.)
  • Fly fishing Guide and Shuttle Driver.
  • 6 Full days Fly Fishing - 5 Days Floating Rivers & One Day Wading, Dry Fly, Nymphing & Streamers All Work.
  • Classic Hopper Rivers In Patagonia Argentina
  • Rio Alumine, Rio Collon Cura, Rio Chimihuin, Rio Malleo, Rio Calefu’
  • See why we are one of the top fly fishing outfits on Tripadvisor in the world.
  • San Martin de los Andes area
  • Rio Chimehuin
  • Rio Malleo
  • Rio Alumine
  • Rio Traful
  • Lago Filo Hua Hum
  • Bariloche area
  • Rio Limay (3 sections)
  • Rio Manso
  • Esquel area
  • Parque de Alerce – 5 great rivers

Check out our adventures in Patagonia, Argentina

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Each day we will take you to unsurpassed fly fishing destinations on rivers, lakes and lagoons. Fly fish with dries, steamers and nymphs. This is a trip to be enjoyed by the novice fly fisher as well as the accomplished angler.

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Fly fish Patagonia Argentina for 8 days, 7 nights and 6 days or take a 10 to 14 day excursion with us and see both Patagonia Argentina and Patagonia Chile. We offer one of the best packages available and are the only outfitters that offer both Patagonia regions in one trip.


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Reviewed December 14, 2018

The Best of Patagonia Fly Fishing

Big Browns, fierce Rainbows, great guides, beautiful scenery, wild boar, soaring condors, magnificent eagles, swans, flocks of wild parrots, pretty horses, beautiful rivers, great dinners, lovely people -- a trip of a lifetime!

My wife and I just returned from an outstanding week of fly fishing in Patagonia courtesy of Jack Trout Internatonal.

We have fly fished extensively in America from Wyoming to Idaho Montana, California, New Mexico Colorado, Alaska -- and this trip with Jack Trout International, Patagonia, Argentina was by far the very best ever!

Jack put together a customized trip specifically for my wife and I. It included the lodging, the restaurants, the very best guides, the very best gear -- everything was top shelf.

Not a package deal where you pay $5-7,000/ per person and you're still just a number. Jack customized everything just for us and we literally saved thousands of dollars.

We stayed eight nights in Junin de los Andes, and we fished with guides five days. We floated four days and waded one day. Our total cost was right at $4,000. ( FOR BOTH OF US ) That included eight nights of very comfortable, modern three star accommodation with ac/heating, hot showers, good wifi, cable TV etc. . . five days of excellent guided fishing, and delicious dinners every night at the best restaurant in town.

Compared to the "Lodge Packages" my wife and I figure we saved at least $8,000 perhaps as much as $10,000 by organizing the trip through Jack Trout.

Forget about this camping along the river nonsense. My wife and I are great camping and outdoor enthusiasts. We are happy to hike in or go in on horseback and camp in the wilderness in order to reach remote, untouched areas when it's necessary. But in Patagonia it's just not necessary.

You are never more than an hour drive from your hotel to the launch site. It's the same river, the same water that the high priced "Lodges" use. You just don't have to camp in Patagonia, because there aren't that many fishermen. It's not Montana where you are on the same stretch of river with 15 other drift boats fishing under an indicator.

The guides: We have been blessed to fish with some of the best guides in the world and the Jack Trout guides in Patagonia where 1st class. In fact our guide was friends with our old friend and guide, Ed Adams and his daughter Rita from Taos, New Mexico fame. It was just sensational!

The gear: We drifted four days on the Collon Cura, Alumine and Chimehuin, Rivers. The guide was a total expert at rowing and negotiating the river in the inflatable pontoon boat. Very safe and stable. We never went through any dangerous or uncomfortable rapids.

We were provided with Simms waders, Simms boots, Sage One rods, Loop reels etc. . . everything 1st class and in excellent condition.

We waded the Malleo River for a phenomenal day catching Browns and Rainbows. The Malleo River is off limits to boats of any sort. We never saw another fisherman all day. In fact, out of the five days of fishing we only saw two other boats fishing the entire time. We are proud Americans-- but try to find that in Montana.

The fishing: ALL of our fishing was Dry Fly. Let me repeat that -- all of our fishing was dry fly.

We fished from the boat using dry flies -- none of that fishing under a bobber.

Sometimes two dry flies, occasionally a hopper-dropper combination, but only rarely. Ninety per cent dry flies. It was almost all sight fishing. See the fish rising, put the fly on him and hold on.

The first day on the Collon Cura River we caught a 22" Brown on TFO 5wt. We caught a 20" Rainbow, a 19" Brown and more fish in the 15 to 19" category then we could count -- mostly Browns.

And that was just the first day. It went on and on from there.

On our next trip through Jack Trout we will take a little bit more time and spread the fishing out a bit as we were catching so many fish and the days were so long, we were a bit exhausted mid week. But we pushed on just through pure adrenaline and excitement at catching so many great fish in such a gorgeous environment.

And speaking of environment, we never saw a single speck of litter the entire time we were in Patagonia on the river's. Not a single beer can, not a single plastic bag, not a single cigarette butt -- nothing, zip, nada -- absolutely pristine. What a pleasure!

So what's for lunch? The guides set up a table with folding chairs and served us hot lunches everyday. I'm talking about heating up gourmet roasted chicken, Milanesa, delicious roasted potatoes, marinated eggplant, fresh garden salads, fabulous brownies and cakes for dessert, wines and beers of your choosing, coffee's -- just 1st class.

Oh, and Patagonia is not Central America. It's not Mexico on the US State Dept travellers warning list. We felt completely safe all the time. We rented a car and drove everywhere. The roads were fine -- especially recommend the Seven Lakes Road from Bariloche up through charming San Martin de Los Andes -- spectacular Andes Mountains. Only the Himalayas are higher.

We could go on and on. Better yet go live it, see it for yourself!


Date of experience: December 2020

Patagonia Fly Fishing

Patagonia Fly Fishing

Patagonia Fly Fishing

Testa 3 Argentina 2018

Testa 4 Argentina 2018

"Our aim is to make your trip the best experience possible. Whether it's all about fly fishing or 1/2 about the non-angler. Only fly fishing rivers or seeing all of the Patagonia. Your trip will always be customized to your desire. We've been outfitting for over 16 years internationally and we believe your trip should be about you! And remember your trip will always be seen on www.mtshasta.com, our adventure weblog. "

-Jack Trout

Golden Dorado - Rio Uruguay – Concordia, Argentina

dorado cua lodge

golden dorado


Guiding is done wade fishing and from skiffs, depending on the actual water levels. The Salto Chico area can also be fished using our 16-foot cataraft, custom-made for fly fishing purposes with room for 2 anglers. Wen can also fish the tail-water, located about two thirds of a mile below the falls. Fish with weights up to 40 lbs are a real possibility here, fish from the Salto Chico area run usually between 9 and 22 lbs, even when wade fishing.

golden dorado jacktrout

The program

We monitor conditions and adapt by choosing the appropriate venues, using a system by rotation. Fishing usually begins by 8.00 or 8.00 AM. Lunch is had right along the water and of the asado and salads type, washed down with a fresh beer or some great wine.


Rates include:

  • 5 full fishing days
  • 6 nights at the hosteria
  • All meals
  • 1 guide for 2 anglers
  • All transfers during the program
  • Fishing licenses
  • Leaders and steel trace

Not included:

  • Private transfers to and from Buenos Aires Ezeiza international airport (Rate upon request)
  • Insurances
  • Phone calls
  • Flights/fares
  • Overnights outside of the program
  • Personal expenses

Rate: U$ 2.900 per person (based on 2 anglers)

Maximum number of anglers: 6

The best fishing is had from February to April and from September to November.

Cua lodge banner

Ushuaia & Puerto Madryn Day Trips Fly Fishing Off The Cruise Ship

Ushuaia Puerto Madryn Day Trips Fly Fishing Off The Cruise Ship

Ask About Our Multi Day Fly Fishing Trips to The Rio Chebut, Argentina

The Rio Chebut Argentina

Let Us Take You 3 Hours From Ushuaia To Fly Fish On Argentina's Premier Fly Fishing Streams.

Argentinas Premier Fly Fishing Streams

  • Cruise Ship Prices For Day Trips Fly Fishing Argentina
  • Puerto Madryn Fly Fishing Guides $395 USD Two Anglers
  • Ushuaia Fly Fishing Guides $595 USD Two Anglers

Ushuaia Puerto Madryn Day Trips

Fly Fishing Argentina

Fly Fishing Argentina

Fly Fishing Argentina

Map of Argentina

argentina map

Golden Dorado Gallery

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