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Bosnia – Southern Europe Fly Fishing Guides

Bosnia and Herzegovina Fly Fishing Day Trips in Southern Europe. Beautiful untouched landscape, over 1800 miles of chalk stream limestone rivers that we focus our fly fishing guiding on. The River Pliva & River Ribnik, are two of the most productive rivers for fly fishing in Bosnia that spawn, native indigenous Brown Trout & Grayling to sizes that are making people take notice throughout Europe. When you consider the value of what you catch and see and compare prices for these one of kind European fly fishing trips, if you’re going to be in the area or plan to visit Bosnia, give us a call and we can set up all your fly fishing while you’re here at very reasonable prices, fantastic rivers & great accommodations.

We Can Even Set Up A Three Country Trip Where You Fly Fish And Lodge In Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia.

Pliva Bosnia

(River Pliva)

Package Prices & Day Trips (With all gear included & a great lunch.)

  • One Day Trip – 8 hours on the water, with gear included, lunch and flies, wading with your guide $395 USD
  • 8 Days / 6 days Fly Fishing Bosnia Rivers – $1895 USD per Person (Minimum 2 Anglers.)
  • 7 Days / 5 Days Fly Fishing Bosnia Rivers – $1750 per Person (Minimum 2 Anglers.)

( Ribnik, Pliva, Sana and Janj) : FOR TWO ANGLERS MINIMUM

Prices Include:

  • Transfers from/to the airport, and transfers from one to another location while fishing
  • Fishing permits
  • Professional guide ( English spoken ), full day guiding
  • Accommodation (full board basis) in lodges at Ribnik and Pliva
  • Best fly fishing locations
  • Logistic support and advice's

Not Included:

  • Flight ticket
  • Drinks
  • Flies


Best Time To Go:

May 1st Through Oct 15th, Annually We Are Guiding On Both The River Ribnik & The River Pliva, On Our Private Sections We offer. River Ribnik – Located in the slopes of the mountain Srnetica in the village of Gornji Ribnik. We Fish On A Short But Productive 3 Mile Private Section.

Gin clear this natural chalk stream is a maximum of about 100 feet wide and 2 to 4 feet deep, with classic cut banks that hold trout and a smooth bottom ideal for wading, surrounded by abundant scenic beauty and breathtaking landscape.

100 % Native Grayling – Amazing Native Brown Trout With Unique Colors And Markings – Because Of The Health Of This River Trophy Sized Fish Are Caught Commonly. Famous For Their Fight And Tenacity For Any Size When Caught, This Is A Region You’ll want To Return Back Again. Fly Fishing Catch And Release, Mandatory Barbless Hooks.

brown river Ribnik

River Ribnik Is A Dry Fly Lovers River

The River Ribnik is a wonderful dry fly river and is one of the best known in Southern Europe. You can catch Grayling up to 20 inches and Brown Trout up to 10 lbs. on dry flies, a lot of our clients are amazed that such trophy sized trout and grayling can come from such a small piece of water.

But it’s the oxygen and pristine clean running streams makes the trout happy enough to grow to mammoth proportions in some cases.

Brown from river Ribnik

Grayling 53 cm river Ribnik

River Pliva – Located in the western mountains of Bosnia, located in the villages of Pljeva & Sipovo. This could be one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers with it’s gin clear waters flowing through the Pliva Valley and all of its pristine natural beauty on a free flowing chalk stream river that once you fish, you’ll think you’ve been to the Garden of Eden and back.

Trophy brown river Pliva

When you fly fish the gin glacial colored waters of the River Pliva, you see why we think this country and fisheries are under the radar amongst most fly fishermen and gives people the best opportunity for their money to catch quality size trout and grayling in the most wonderful places, matched with terrific lodging accommodations located right on the rivers, as well as our quality cuisine.

lodge 1
lodge 2
lodge 3

Lodging Located On The Banks Of The River Pliva

lodge 4
lodge 5
lodge 6

Lodging Located On The Banks Of The River Ribnik

River Ribnik spot

Climate & Seasons While Fly Fishing Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina fishing season runs from April through November, the spring run off starts high up in the mountains. Fishing depends on the snow melt, but early season we try to target the best fishing areas first. As we head into the end of May, the flows get more predictable as do the hatches daily. The Grayling become very active after they spawn and the cold melted water makes them very hungry as they are not as selective as other times of the year, this is absolutely the best dry fly fishing of the season. The average temperatures run from low 50’s in the mornings to mid 70’s during the day, this is when we enter a time of year when dry fly fishing is at it’s very best for about a 3 month window. As summer approaches in mid June, the water temps start to rise and the country experiences incredible fishing as water levels get into shape in every area and become more prolific daily until mid July. Mid summer, the low temps go up to the low 60’s and mid day temps can be as high as 89 degrees from July until the end of August, the fishing can slow down mid day. The fall arrives after that and you can expect the morning temps to drop drastically by the end of September. But mornings and late afternoons become more productive as fall hatches increase. The fall is one of our favorite times of the season as the brown trout fishing becomes incredible and some of biggest trout of the year are caught then after feeding all summer and growing to massive proportions. We always suggest bringing a good gortex rain jacket and layer up, but keep it light too. Call us for a list of things to bring to fly fish and tour in Bosnia.

Best National Park In Bosnia – (Link)

Bosnia Meat Platter

Best Restaurants Near The River Pliva & River Ribnik (Link)

You will love the food in Bosnia, famous for their meats, sausages and breads, this country can make some amazing pocket breads filled with delicious meats, sausages and locally made cheeses. Get ready for some awesome cuisine and desserts, no one ever left Bosnia hungry, the food is a bonus.

tripadvisor bosnia


Need more information on Fly Fishing Bosnia, Slovenia or Croatia and other countries in Europe. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * 530-926-4540

Gear Recommendations for bosnia fly fishing

  • Fish species: Grayling & Trout – Browns & Grayling
  • Fishing season: May Through Oct (Call for exact dates for any region.)
  • Nearest airport: Pleso In Zagreb (Croatia) 3 1/2 hour easy drive to To Ribnik & Pliva Lodges & Local villages/towns. Rent a car is the way to go.
  • Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 to 12 foot leader 4X to 5X
  • Recommended fly fishing tippet: 5 X or 6 X Tippet-For Streamers 3 X Nymphing 5 X
  • Best fly fishing rod: 8 to 9 foot – 3, 4, 5 or 6 weight
  • Best floating fly line: WF Floating Fly Line
  • Best sinking fly line: Slim Line or Intermediate 5 wt. Line
  • Fly lines: Sink Tip or floating (Sink tip for floating for trout.)

bosnia 2

The River Pliva and the River Ribnik are two of the largest spring creek chalk streams in all of Europe, if not two of the most beautiful rivers you ever see in your lifetime. We are always amazed by the differences in colors between spring and fall, I’m sure you will be too. When they say the sport of fly fishing is also about where the sport takes you and all the beauty you encounter, they were talking about these rivers in Bosnia.


There’s no doubt this one of the most beautiful places to dry fly fish in all of Europe.

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