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Puerto Montt Chile Fly Fishing Guides​ * Puerto Varas * Pucon * Valdivia * Panquipulli * Puerto Octay * Osorno * Ushuaia Argentina * Puerto Madryn Argentina. We are now booking trips for 2020 for Single Day Cruise Ship Fly Fishing & Tours. Multi-Day Lakes & Rivers District Float Trips & Lodging. Our Famous 10 Day Trip Fly Fishing the Lakes & Rivers District in Chile and then over the Andes into Patagonia, Argentina.

  • Puerto Montt Affordable Private Lodging on our Private Ranch with Pick-Up & Drop-Off Puerto Montt Airport. (SCL to PMC Airport Codes, Santiago to Puerto Montt)
  • We suggest flying on Latam Airlines.
  • $200 per night One Person $275 per night for Two People - ( Two Night Minimum.) Call for more people & Package Pricing- 530-859-8087 Jack Trout
  • All the wood from this Rio Maullin Cabin was made from woods from our property. Floating the Rio Maullin is $595 USD per day. Float or Wading Rio Petrohue is $650 USD
  • All trips include all fly gear & flies plus an incredible streamside BBQ Lunch w/ Chilean Wine.
  • (Food is not included at our ranch, we take you to the store to buy your own meals & wine or beer.)
  • 2023 Package Price Deal: 4 Nights Lodging, 3 Days Fly Fishing (One) $2650 USD (Two) $2950 USD Pick up & Drop off included (Puerto Montt Airport) All fly fishing gear included and BBQ Lunches. (Food Not Included At Our Cabin, You Buy It At A Store.)
  • This is without a doubt THE best 2023/24 value in all of Chile for lodging and fly fishing.
  • Pick up and drop off at the airport is a $50 USD charge coming and going, but included in the package above. Trips to Puerto Varas for dinners out are an extra charge.

*Save hundreds even thousands on our trips and lodging in Chile as lodges are twice as much as us. Jack Trout

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

2020 Season Chile and Argentina Fly Fishing Adventures

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Let us take you on our exclusive 10 day trip from the Puerto Montt Lakes District of Chile to the River’s District then over the Andes into Patagonia Argentina. All meals are exquisite and high end lodging facilities make’s this one of South America’s best fly fishing tour adventures. Fly Fish all the best rivers, dine in all the best restaurants and lodge in the finest b&b’s as this package is designed to be customized for couples or partners.
Jack Trout Signature Package

Join us annually from November through April as we head into Chile's final frontier for fly fishing, the 9th and 10th regions. Fly fish Chile's most pristine and scenic fly fishing locations while enjoying the best lodging and meals available in Chile. Host Jack Trout with his over 20 years of experience matched with bilingual guides are sure to make your visit to Chile a successful one.

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

Jack says: "I will be there with you from the time you arrive to the time you leave, making sure your every need and concern is addressed. We want to earn your repeat and referral business for life and make your Chilean dreams come true!"





The 9th and 10th regions of Chile are known for their unbelievable beauty, great fly fishing as well as volcanoes, rivers and National Parks. With rivers and lakes practically everywhere, the most difficult daily choice is what direction to head into! We float as well as wade these rivers, lakes and spring creeks in search of your fly fishing adventure. We're experts in these regions and can determine what is going on when you arrive on the scene. We look forward to your adventure this year in Chile!


I wrote the section on Fly Fishing Chile and Argentina in Fodor's Travel Books.

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

"Since 1994 Jack Trout have been living, guiding & outfitting Chile and Argentina, I am proud to share with you some of my finest hours on the waters of the Patagonia as illustrated in this Fodor's book. I hope you enjoy reading then experiencing fly fishing's final frontier in two countries completely unique to one another, yet attached at the hip by the world's largest natural border. I listed all the best rivers, lodges and guides in Argentina and Chile, as well as information on choosing an area, the right times to travel to each region and many other helpful tips and secrets I've learned over the years. If you're going to Chile or Argentina for any reason. I highly suggest having this book in your pack."
Many Rivers to You, Jack Trout

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

All meals are exquisite whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some nights we'll leave the lodge to sample Chilean culture and cuisine. This region also has a strong German influence since the Chilean Government gave Germans incentives to move here in the early 1900's. German beers, architecture, and food are plentiful in these two regions, creating a diverse and interesting environment sure to compliment your travels.

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

We might add with million dollar hot spring resorts to visit, horseback riding, volcano climbing, trekking, site seeing, visits to unbelieveable waterfalls, shopping and rafting, there's something here for the non angler too!

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$475 USD per single day float - trip for 2 anglers on all Chilean Rivers

Includes: All transportation, All meals, All beverages, Guiding, Gear

Not included: Hard Alcohol, Air Fare, Gratuities


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Puerto Montt Lakes District Chile Special ~ December to May 2020 ~ $2750 Per Person ~ 8 Days, 7 Nights, 6 days Fly Fishing.

Included: Superior Lodging, Private Access Rivers, Breakfast & Lunch Included. Floating Chilean Rivers In A Jack Trout Drift Boat. Dinner Restaurant List Provided, Located In The Town Of Puerto Varas Chile. (2 Person Min.)

One Day Fly Fishing $475 Per Day For Two Drifting ~ Includes BBQ Lunch & All Gear.

We guide:

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

Rio Petrohue (drift boat 2 sections), Rio Petrohue (wading), Rio Maullin (drift boat 3sections), Rio Puelo (wading), Rio Quillehue (wading & drift boat), Rio Licura (drift boat), Rio Trancura (drift boat), Rio Cochamo (wading,) Rio Pescado (wading), Rio Coihueco (wading), Lago Quillehue (Wading), Todos Los Santos (boat), Patas Lagoon (boat), Rio Calcurrupe (drift boat),lenca (wade) * we guide out of catarafts & drift boats - all equipment is new and top of the line.

With this many rivers and lakes to visit, we're sure to have a fun filled exciting week for you! There's always some place to fish that's excellent and we'll be right there with you.
-Jack Trout

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

Fly into Puerto Montt Lakes District of and we will pick you up at the airport an take you to our lodging in Puerto Varas with spectacular views of Lago Llanquihue and the Volcano Osorno. Fly into Valdivia Chile and we'll pick you up at the airport or help arrange a car rental. * This place makes sense especially if you plan to visit and fly fish Junin de los Andes and San Martin de los Andes in Argentina, just 3 hours from us.

Rod and line information :

Bring 3 weights to 7 weights. We suggest like a small, med and large rod when in Chile. For example, I use a 4 weight, 5 weight and a 7 weight. We recommend, Beaverkill, Sage or Winston Rods with a good reel and good drag system like those on Gavin, Ross or J Ryall Reels. 2 X 3X 4X 5X Tippet 3 & 4 X Leaders 9' foot Fly List Dries Parachute Adams 16 & 14 Light Cahill 16 & 14 Royal Coachman 12 &10 Hoppers 10 & 8 Elk Hair Caddis 14 &12 Adams Cripple 14 Damsels 12 & 10 Ants and beetles 14 Blue Wing olives 18 Midge 20 & 22 Nymphs Prince 14 Black stone 14 to 10 Golden Stone 14 to 10 Hairs Ear 14 to 10 Andre Puyon's 14 to 10 Green Drake Nymph 14 Caddis Beaded 14 to 10 Pheasant tails 16 & 14 *Beaded is an option Leaches Intermediate line or Slime Line Damsel nymph size 14 to 10 ( green) Dragon Fly Nymph 10 to 6 Wooly Bugger 14 to 8 (Black, Olive, Cinnamon) Bring a Floating Line W. F. and at least 1 or 2 sink tips 15 ft. to 20 ft. # 2 & 3 sink rate


Each river has it's own personality and mood for dry fly, nymphing as well streamer fishing. Call us for more precise fly list for the rivers you plan to fish this upcoming season.

Flight Information :

Take American Airlines or Lan Chile to Santiago Chile. Then take Lan Chile from Santiago Chile to Puerto Montt, where I'll pick you up at the airport and take you to our lodge. American Airlines 1-800- 433-7300 Lan Chile 1-800-735-5526 Call me if you have any questions: Jack Trout ~ 530-926-4540 email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let us make all your flight & hotel reservations and restaurant suggestions as we are a full service international fly fishing outfitter and travel agency, we can handle all your travel needs and make sure your trip is a total success. She knows Argentina and Chile as well as all the rules and regulations for entry documents, taking rent a cars from Chile to Argentina and how to score the best airfare & lodging prices to save you money. Give us a call for any of your South American travel needs, we’ll be happy to help.

#1 Fly Fishing Outfitter In Chile On Tripadvisor

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

Testimonial Letter

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

Jack ,
Now that I have made it back home and have caught up with my work I have the time to send you an E-mail. What a trip, it was more than I expected. I was expecting to fish, which I did for 10 days out of the two weeks I was there. I wanted something other than the fishing trip where you are picked up at the airport and taken to a lodge and the only time you leave the lodge is when you are fishing. This may be good for a trip to Alaska where you are miles from civilization but not for a trip to Chile. I wanted to see and learn about local culture, to experience the food, to go to the small towns not just the big cities and most of all meet the people. You more than helped me to experience the kind of trip I wanted. Your knowledge of Chile amazed me, not just the culture, your knowledge of the volcanos, the mountains and the rivers was amazing. But I guess having a local as a wife has helped. Speaking of your wife. She made staying at your house almost too enjoyable. The meals she prepared for our lunch were great. I have never had a guide set up a table on an island in the middle a river and serve a hot meal with the local wine like you did. I was also not prepared for my bed to be made and my clothes washed like they were. And she was an asset when we would eat in a restaurant since I still wonder what we ordered in Argentina when the waiter started laughing so hard. And I want to thank her personally for helping me pick out the gifts for my wife and daughter they both loved their necklaces and ear rings and I'm sure they are still wondering how I would think of such good gifts. We just will not tell them how reasonably priced they were.

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

It was your 15 years of guiding in Chile that made the fishing part of the trip fun and easy. I never thought I would be fishing 8 rivers and 2 lakes over the two weeks I was down there. Most fishing trips I have been on you might fish two or three rivers and if the fishing is good on one river the guide would take you back to that river day after day. Nice, but the way you did it I was able to experience so many different types of rivers from the mighty Rio San Pedro (reminded me of the lower Sacramento River in California) which your house over looks to my favorite the Rio Maullin down by Puerto Montt which is more like a jungle. Not only the different rivers the different types of fishing I was able to experience because each river and lake we fished required a variation of fly fishing. I liked how we started with pulling streamers, got into nimps and finished with using dry fly in Argentina. The different types of fish were also a surprise to me. Watching those massive Pacific salmon swimming up the Rio San Pedro was a thrill but catching an Atlantic salmon a few days later was a bigger thrill. Hooking an 18 inch German Brown with a streamer was fun but hooking a 24 inch on a dry fly in Argentina was a thrill of a life time.

Lake District Chile fly fishing guide

I can not wait to fish with you on the upper Sacramento River it has been one of my dream locations but only fishing the lower part has been the extent of my fishing on that river. I have been told by other fishermen the upper Sac is the place for big fish but it takes a good guide since it is not a drift but a rafting adventure. I have been told it can be a little scary with the rapids. After fishing with you I have put the upper Sacramento River back on my list of places to fish. I would feel very safe with you so I plan on getting back with you after your back in California to set up a trip.
Thanks again for the trip (adventure) of a life time.
May life be good and the fishing even better.
Pat Connelly

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