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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing – Guides

Pyramid Lake is a lake that is replenished each day by how much water it receives from the Truckee River flowing out of Lake Tahoe. The Truckee River fills Pyramid Lake at its southern end. Being sort of land locked Pyramid Lake has no river flowing out. Water can only evaporate or seep thorough its bottom through under ground springs and crevices. The lake draws it name from a series of rocks on one shoreline that look like pyramids and are sacred lands of the the Pyramid Indians who have inhabited the lake and lived off the trout and chub that were indigenous here. Named by John C. Fremont, The lake is part of ancient Lake Lahontan that was formed as the reseeding glaciers in the Pleistocene epoch caused a huge lake that once spread from Salt Lake City to the almost the Pacific Ocean. The world record cutthroat is from Pyramid Lake and was caught in 1925 and weighed 41 lbs. and was 39 inches long.

world record

Since then fly fishermen have figured out a way to get to the cutthroat that really makes this a unique and special place to fly fish in America and even the world. I remember as a kid I would see people in the 1980’s bringing step ladders to Pyramid to walk out on shallow shoreline until you reached the drop-off. Now a days Pyramid Lake has spawned it’s own fly fishing ladder & chair culture and still remains as one of the top 5 biggest trout lakes in the world.

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Our guides know Pyramid Lake and how to fish it with flies, our guides have years of experience and are up to date always on what is happening in the Reno/Tahoe Truckee areas.

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Guide Chris Wharton Fly Fishing Guide for Jack Trout FFI. Chris has been fly fishing Reno/Tahoe & outlying areas for 32 yrs. & guiding it for the last 18 yrs. He also teaches beginning classes for the Washoe County adult education & for Reno Parks & Rec. Chris is all about helping people find enjoyment like he has in his many years out on the waters he knows and loves. Chris is a big trout fishermen and a guide, his main goal is to have you catch a huge Lahontan Cutthroat on Pyramid Lake. He will instruct you on how to fish it the right way using his methods for big trout. You’ll have a mighty fine day with Chris as your guide the next time you’re in the Reno/Tahoe area.

Pyramid Lake Map

Truckee river Pyramid Lake map

List Of Flies For Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake

  • Leeches 6 & 4
  • Wooly Buggers Black, Crystal, Cinnamon, Green, Brown 8 & 6
  • Minnow patterns 8 6 & 4
  • Pyramid Lake Beetle 8
  • Estaz wooly buggers
  • Tinsel midges
  • Ice-cream cone midges
  • Mahalo Nymphs.

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Pyramid Box

Gear Recommendations For Pyramid Lake

  • Fish species: Lahontan Cutthroat
  • Fishing season: October 1- June 30
  • Nearest airport: Reno-Tahoe
  • Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 foot leader
  • Recommended fly fishing tippet: 1X or 0X Tippet
  • Best fly fishing rod: 9 & 10 foot 7 or 8 weight
  • Best floating fly line: WF Rio Fly Line
  • Best sinking fly line: # 6 Shooting Head

Of course bring your best step ladder that acts as your casting platform, it’s really fun when you can see those huge giants come swimming by right under your feet.

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Clothing For Pyramid Lake

Layers is best as the best months to fish can be cold in the mornings with either snow or rains. A good Gortex shell jacket can come in handy if you’re going to be out in foul conditions. Bring waders, you’ll need them to set up your ladders and stay warm.

Lodging For Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing – Reno Area

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing 1

Lake Description & How We Fish It

Pyramid Lake is a desert lake located on Paiute Indian reservation land. A Nevada fishing license is not required, but you must have a permit for fishing or boating on the lake. The lake is 25 miles long and 4 to 11 miles wide at its widest part. Some people stand on ladders and fish it with sinking lines using flies that imitate bait fish, while other use nymphs 5 to 10 feet from the surface and a small indicator.


$395 for One or Two Anglers, Includes All Gear & Flies, A Wonderful BBQ Shoreline Lunch The Best In The Area.

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Jack thank you again! Fish of a life time, excellent staff, An absolute pro. Great, good food, excellent trip!! See ya soon .Donnie
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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

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