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Sandy River Oregon Fly Fishing – Guides

The Sandy River’s source is the snow and glacial melts from Mount Hood, where it flows some 60 miles and eventually dumps into the Columbia River, before passing through the towns of Zigzag, Wemme and Troutdale. William Broughton led his men in an expedition in 1792 called the Vancouver Expedition. His goal was to explore the lower Columbia River where he named the river because of its huge sand bars and and debris that ran down to where the mouth of the Sandy River emptied into the Columbia. The Lewis and Clark Expedition explored the Sandy River while adventuring down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. A few years before, Mount Hood had erupted and this is what had caused the sediment to build up at the mouth of Sandy River.

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It was scattered all over numerous sand bars making most areas completely impassable, while other areas they tried became dangerous because of quick sand like conditions. In 2008, Marmot Dam and the Sandy Dam were demolished and this was the first time in 100 years that the Sandy River became a totally free flowing river again. Since then, incredible runs of steelhead and salmon have returned to all parts of the river and it’s tributaries, allowing the river to have a historic reprisal which sent a message to the entire world that dams damage fisheries and should be considered the era of yesteryear. The Sandy River dam demolishment project was a total success and the river has done nothing but flourished since.

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  • Maribou Tubes
  • Hobo Speys,
  • Intruders.
  • Traditional Spey Flies

Our Guide Uses A Winston Boron TH 7133, Nautilus NV reel, 550 Skagit Max. Most 7 Weight Spey Rods Will Cast A Rio Skagit Max 525. For The Running Line, We Prefer Mono.



  • Fish species: Steelhead
  • Fishing season: December Through April
  • Nearest airport: Portland
  • Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 foot leader
  • Recommended fly fishing tippet: 1X or 0X Tippet
  • Best fly fishing rod: 9 & 10 foot 7 or 8 weight – Spey Rods
  • Best floating fly line: Don’t Use
  • Best sinking fly line: Skagit heads and a variety of sink tips T8, T11, T14 in 10’-12’ lengths.

Our fly fishing guides are based near Portland, Oregon and swing back and forth from guiding on the Sandy and Deschutes Rivers. All of our guides are raised and born in Oregon and have well over thirty years of experience fishing & guiding it’s waters. The primary focus is Spey Rods, Jet Boats and fly-fishing for trout and steelhead. The rivers we offer include but are not limited to the Deschutes, the Clackamas and the Sandy. If you are looking for hard working, knowledgeable and conscientious guides who will do everything in their power to make your day a success, We’ve got the best fly fishing guides in the industry guides for you. Along with offering our great local guides, all of our guides are expert boat operators, Spey casting instructors and anglers. All of our guides are licensed Oregon guides, bonded, insured who also hold a current United Stated Coast Guard License as well as a Special Recreation Permit from the Bureau of Land Management.

A valid Oregon fishing license is required as well as a steelhead report card, this are not included in our prices per day.

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Brian Silvey

Head Guide – Brian Silvey

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Jack Trout Fly Fishing International provides guided fly fishing trips on the Sandy River near Portland, Oregon. Guided trips on the Sandy are for winter and spring Steelhead. We utilize Spey rods, drift boats and catarafts to find these fantastic fish!

The Sandy River starts in the MT. Hood National Forest and runs 56 miles before it empties into the Columbia River east of Portland near the Columbia River Gorge. This river is undammed now and the water from the Sandy runs free from Reid Glacier on MT. Hood to the Pacific Ocean.

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We fish the 19 or so miles of the lower river. The float from Dodge Park to Oxbow is full of white water and drop and pool runs tailor made for swinging a fly. You will not find a more scenic and beautiful river this close to 2.2 million people.

The Sandy has a native run of winter steelhead that are primarily wild. Winter steelhead enter the Sandy River in November with good numbers available from December through April. Due to the unrestricted flows and winter storms the Sandy, like most Northwest rivers is prone to blowing out. A flexible schedule is needed for booking trips in advance.

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